Monday, February 22, 2010

September 5, 1890

The Plattsburgh Sentinel - Friday, September 5, 1890

--Saturday the Ponce de Leons will play a game of ball in Plattsburgh with the St. Albans club.

--The game between the Pastimes of Ogdensburg and the Beverwycks of Rouses Point, Saturday, resulted in a score of 6 to 9 in favor of the latter. About 500 people witnessed the (illegible).

--The Ponce de Leons and (illegible) will play a game at the Fair grounds in Plattsburgh this afternoon. This will be the first and probably the only opportunity our citizens will have of seeing the two rival clubs meet on neutral ground.

--A game of bass ball will be played on International Trotting Park in Champlain, on Monday, September 8th, between the Ponce de Leons, the colored nine from Hotel Champlain, and the Champlain nine. This is probably the last game the Ponce de Leons will play before their departure for Florida, and will be a close and exciting one.