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September 18, 1868

The Plattsburgh Sentinel - September 18, 1868

  The Doings of the 11th. -- Taking into consideration the condition of the weather, the base ball tournament in Plattsburgh was a decided success.
  Between 9 and 10 o'clock on the morning of the 11th, playing commenced on the grounds of the Auroras, between the "Rough and Readies," of Chazy, and the "Stars," of Schuyler Falls, and on the grounds north of Hon. M. Hall's, between the "White Stockings," of Peru, and the "Frontiers" of Champlain. The White Stockings are the same boys who played the Auroras some time ago for the silver ball.
  The clubs were all in "full uniform," and looked very fine. The White Stockings wore red pants, (supported by ornamented belts,) white stockings and shirts, drab caps, and brown shoes. The Frontiers, blue pants, blue and white checkered shirts, red caps, and brown shoes. The Rough and Readies wore light brown pants, white shirts, with blue shield on the breast, bearing in large letters or figures the rank or position which the wearer held. Their pants were supported by belts, bearing the name of the club. Their caps were red, white and blue. The Stars wore blue pants, supported by belts bearing the initials of the club, white shirts, with a bright red star on the breast, white stocking, and neat little white caps, entirely different in style from the others, and very becoming. In fact we are disposed to say that the "Stars" were the prettiest club on the ground. The boys were all young, well formed, bright active and good natured, and although they signally failed in taking any prize, their general deportment won for them many admirers.
  It was one o'clock when the morning games closed, resulting in the victory of the "White Stockings" by a score of 46 to 24, and the "Rough and Readies" by 88 to 33. The following is the score of the White Stockings and Frontiers:

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