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July 19, 1866

The Plattsburgh Sentinel - Thursday, July 19, 1866

Burlington Base Ball Club
Burlington, July 17, 1866

  Eds. Plattsburgh Sentinel - In looking over your paper of the 12th inst. I notice you give the Burlington Base Ball Club the credit of being "waxed" in the match game played on the 4th inst.
  Now to do justice to the B. B. C. it should have been stated that the Atlantics are an old Club, and the first nine is composed of "veteran" players, contrary to representations at the time of their sending the challenge to the Burlington Club, having been engaged in match games more less since 1861, while the Burlingtons are mere lyros in the game, having been organized since March, 1866. This of course makes the defeat of the B. B. B. C. no disgrace.
  The Burlington Club showed some very fine playing, especially C. E. Halbert - left field - who drew loud applause from the bystanders and the rival club by the skill displayed in taking fly balls. The pitching and catching of the Atlantics was superior to that commonly displayed.
  All parties had a pleasant time, and when the return match is played, undoubtedly the score will be a little closer. Ford

  We are glad to publish the above, as we intended no depreciation of the Burlington boys.

June 26, 1868

The Plattsburgh Sentinel – Friday, June 26, 1868

The 4th at Champlain. – Champlain will celebrate “freedom’s birth day” in an appropriate manner. There will be a grand procession, oration and addresses, game of base ball, balloon ascension, pyrotechnical display, &c. A procession will form under the direction of C. E. Everest, Marshal, in front of the Champlain House, at 9 o’clock in the morning, in the following order: band, Good Templars, base ball players, orators of the day, clergy, Sabbath Schools, citizens and stranger, committee of arrangements, which will march to the grounds of the Frontier base ball club, where the usual order of exercises will follow. A game of base ball will be played by the Rough and Readys, of Chazy, and the Frontiers, of Champlain. Ice cream, strawberries, fireworks, balloon ascension, &c., in the evening.