Sunday, October 19, 2008

April 25, 1873

The Plattsburgh Sentinel - April 25, 1873

  --A solider at the garrison, named Benjamin Delisle, had his leg broken, Wednesday, while playing base ball.

June 30 and July 7, 1876

The Plattsburgh Sentinel - June 30, 1876

Annual Regatta and Games at Rouses Point

  A base ball match will be played during the day between the St. Lambert Base Ball Club and the "Montgomery" B. B. Club of Rouse's Point.

The Plattsburgh Sentinel - July 7, 1876

  --Seven fine yachts entered the contest at Rouses Point last Saturday. The judges awarded the first prize to the "Hoop Lah," of Rouse's Point, owned by Mr. F. L. Wesson, and the second prize to the "Sandy," of Port Henry, the property of Mr. W. F. Pease, the "Anna," owned by Mr. J. Chabot, of the former place coming in third. There were also, during the afternoon, sculling races, a very amusing tub race, foot races, &c., and a base-ball match between a club from St. Lambert and one at Rouse's Point, the latter being the victors.